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@Ray sorry to miss your earlier reply! I’ll have to check my notification settings.

I’m using the Assured Automation WM-PC-075 with the factory dry contact reed switch, based on a helpful rec in a previous forum post:
Info page:
Comparative listing:

It works very well in terms of manually reading it and confirming function by checking the switch with an ohmmeter or running a simple Python counting script on the RPi to watch the GPIO 14 pinout. I *do* notice that sampling quickly overcounts, which I attribute to a need to debounce.

Another note: I incorrectly stated I was able to recompile the OpenSprinkler firmware to try a longer debounce window. That was incorrect, I had actually just re-installed the original FW. Sorry for the incorrect info. In fact, I am trying to get it to compile again today… 🙂

Thanks for any tips,