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Great news. I figured that was right up your ally. One other thing that we had talked about was the alerts. Rain Delay, current running program. In the app and web app, only one will show at a time. So my controllers run area lights during dusk to dawn. So if rain delay is flagged and the lights are on, then the Rain Delay does not show. Can you fix this so that it shows multiple status info.

One other feature that would be cool from the manage sites, would be a feature to set a rain delay for all the controllers, and a way to enable them all and disable them and a feature to turn on or off the lights. So that it would run either all the stations with the word lights in it, or program. Just some thoughts. If you need me to test these features for you let me know. As I have 22 controllers on one site. I have another site that is very interested in moving from calsense to opensprinkler. These are features that would entice larger HOA’s and other clients. So the next feature maybe the ability to manage (OTHER SITES)