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I suspect this may have to do with weather adjustment option not being correct. To check that variable, you can use either of the following method:
1. access your controller in a web browser, then open the browser’s ‘developer tools’ panel (in Chrome, this would be under menu More Tools -> Developer Tools), turn on the ‘Network’ tab, refresh the page, then check the result of the ‘ja’ query.

2. alternatively, you can also directly type in:
where x.x.x.x is your OpenSprinkler’s IP address and yyy is the md5 checksum of your password.

Either way, the result of ja will have a group called ‘settings’ which in turn contains ‘wto’. You can check what is its value and paste it here. If you are using ET, it should at least contain baseETo and elevation. Otherwise if it doesn’t contain these variables then it could explain why it’s not updating.