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Thanks to you all who have been working on this. Just updated OTA to 2.1.9 and it’s working. I am one of the few who have a Weatherunderground API key that actually works. I have a backyard weather station that is uploading data to WU so they allow us up-loaders to have a key free of charge (yeah big spenders). I put in the key and it verifies with a green box. I selected Zimmerman as the weather algorithm. Only unknown was the device ID section. I left that blank and did not put anything in there. Was the correct and what is that used for?

I did a reboot and checked the system diagnostics screen. Says the system reboot, weather calls, response, and sucess(0). IT then gives me a mean Temp, Humidity, Precip, and % watering. What I didn’t expect was a link to Powered by Dark Sky. I thought since I installed the WU API it would have a link there. I believe it’s still Dark Sky data since the temp reported is about 1.5 degrees higher than my present backyard weather center is reporting to WU.

How can I tell where the weather data is being pulled from?