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Does it (1) resume normal operations, the sprinklers stay off for now, and the program will run at 02:00 the next day (effectively just skipping today), or does it (2) run the program immediately after the delay ends at 06:00 (effectively making it a true “delay,” just like a rain delay at a baseball game, where the event occurs as soon as the delay ends)?

Answer: you can think of rain delay as ‘silencing’ the watering while the rain delay is active. As a result, programs that should have started during rain delay will NOT be rescheduled, and program that started shortly before the rain delay is active and got interrupted will NOT be resumed. Actually, more precisely, it should be that ‘zones which are affected by rain delay’ are silenced, in contrast, zones that are set to ‘Ignore Rain Delay’ will not be affected by rain delay.