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We are getting closer 8)

errCode 10 means that the Weather Service is working but has not received sufficient weather observations from weewx to create a meaningful water scale. The Weather Service needs at least 23 hours worth of data. The syslog confirms this at 21:59:29. Note that we have reduced the amount of diagnostic output now that things are more stable with the weather service so the Observation logs aren’t produced any more. So I think it is just a matter of checking back tomorrow to see if things are up and running.

Note that every time you reboot the RPi, the weather service restarts and you need to wait another 24 hours before you start getting water levels produced. If we want to cache the weather observations in Weather Service then you can add LOCAL_PERSISTENCE=true in the Weather Service .env file. This will cause Weather Service to write the received history to disk every 30 minutes so that when it restarts it can pick up from where it left off. You might want to set this option first and then restart the weather service. After 30 minutes, you should see a file called “observations.json” with the history of data.