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@peter, Ok let’s see if things are runnining by tomorrow.

There is also a forum “edit” problem or maybe it’s to late for me and I should better go to bed? Please find below a copy of the now missing #63163 reply.

@peter, thanks again for your help. Unfortunately there exists still a problem with the weather data.

Requesting the weather service with e.g.:,1&wto=“h”:100,”t”:100,”r”:100,”bh:70,”bt”:59,”br”:0

results in:


Looking at syslog shows:

Nov 5 21:58:21 raspberrypi weewx[19139]: restx: Wunderground-PWS: Published record 2019-11-05 21:55:00 CET (1572987300)
Nov 5 21:58:24 raspberrypi weewx[19139]: cheetahgenerator: Generated 8 files for report SeasonsReport in 3.14 seconds
Nov 5 21:58:25 raspberrypi weewx[19139]: imagegenerator: Generated 14 images for SeasonsReport in 1.00 seconds
Nov 5 21:58:25 raspberrypi weewx[19139]: copygenerator: copied 5 files to /var/www/html/weewx
Nov 5 21:59:29 raspberrypi npm[16942]: There is insufficient data to support Zimmerman calculation from local PWS.

Looking at old syslog files shows that these kind of logs are still missing:
Jun 14 23:55:49 raspberrypi npm[357]: OpenSprinkler Weather Observation: {“action”:”updateraw”,”ID”:”anyText”,”PASSWORD”:”anyText”,”softwaretype”:”weewx-3.9.1″,”baromin”:”29.854″,”dewptf”:”57.4″,”humidity”:”062″,”dateutc”:”2019-06-14 21:55:00″,”dailyrainin”:”0.00″,”winddir”:”161″,”tempf”:”71.1″,”windspeedmph”:”0.6″,”windgustmph”:”2.5″,”rainin”:”0.00″}

Sorry for bothering you again.