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@Ray: Update regarding network issue:
Router’s (TP-Link Archer MR200) firmware is updated to the latest version.
After upgrading the OS controller to 2.1.9, I checked the router’s Log and noticed that there is a repeating exchange of the following sequence of 4 messages with the controller:
1) “Recv DISCOVER from {OS controller’s MAC addr.}”, 2) “Send OFFER with ip {Reserved IP for OS controller}”, 3) “Recv REQUEST from {OS controller’s MAC addr.}”, 4) “Send ACK to {Reserved IP for OS controller}”.
This sequence continuous forever, causing delay issues and network failures to the LAN.
When reverted back to OS version 2.1.7, the issue disappeared (the reserved IP was assigned during the first try, without any retries initiated by the OS controller).
I hope the the above information might help to resolve the issue.