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Ray, I dropped this for a couple of months but still having troubles with the WU integration. I tried a number of different combinations and finally figured out by inspecting the configuration file (using export – email) the PWS was not being defined.

To fix that I selected a different station on the map. I saved the data and then went back and selected my PWS and saved it again. This time the PWS ID shows up within the brackets for the wto section.

My question is what the port number option on the same WU configuration section? Is that the port to get out to the network or the specific port for the OpenSprinkler device? The reason is I changed it from port 80 default to the one that is assigned on my router for the Open Sprinkler. Now I can no longer communicate with the OS at all! I can try again with the direct IP address when I’m on my home network.

Second question – now that the PWS and key is showing up in the WU section (and verified in the config file) – how long does it take for the weather on the top of the page to be updated? I tried viewing the weather before I changed the above port number and it was still indicating the data was from the Dark Sky service. Is there some time period I need to wait before the updated weather information will show up?