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if OpenSprinkler will also subscribe MQTT topics, it would be a nice feature to subscribe an external rainsensor status. Correct me if I´m wrong, but as I know the rainsensor can only connected via hard wiring.

The example from @digitalbits is pretty cool! And I want to expand the example for sensor 1 and 2 (since FW 2.1.9)

sensor updates (weather, flow, and rain)
mqtt-topic : osprink/sensor/weather
mqtt-payload: {“type”:”sensor”,”id”:0,”name”:”weather”,”data”:{“action”:”update”,”adjpct”:38,”ts”:1530391894}}

Example could be:
mqtt-topic : osprink/sensor/1/status
mqtt-payload: {“type”:”sensor”,”id”:1,”name”:”Rainsensor”,”data”:{“action”:”update”,”status”:”closed”,”ts”:1530391894}} –> or status:”open”

mqtt-topic : osprink/sensor/2/status
mqtt-payload: {“type”:”switch”,”id”:2,”name”:”Programstart”,”data”:{“action”:”update”,”status”:”open”,”ts”:1530391894}} –> or status:”closed”

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