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The 16 virtual stations, are intended to be the original 8 stations, but each station in the first 8 using the master1 valve (tasmota switch) and the second set of 8 using master2 valve.

After searching the forums for ‘master station’ and reading for 5 hours after I posted my question, I have seen you have replied to many people, many times, explaining that making a program that runs as the ‘master station’ as the same time as a programmed station. This is *not* an option for me, and the method ive described is much easier to manage using a zone when I need it, with whatever pump i need without any disabled configured programs or headaches

Especially when I want to run one single station for an extra 10 seconds, Im not trying to make individual programs just for each zone to run the master station.

In my opinion Ive found the best way to utilize this option, I have a few dozen controllers to implement this to, and would prefer to speed the process up some.

Please, help me with any info you can, would greatly appreciate it.