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Section 10 of the API Document says ‘See Section 8’ when referring to ‘masop’ while trying to determine how i can set up the masterzone use. Again in the ‘sid,st,sd’ line it refers to ‘see section 8’ — with the references to section 8 so much, i figured all variables, or the most likely ones would still be able to modified with the ‘cs’ change station parameters.

obviously not maxlen but there isnt a clear explanation for stn_seq parameter. In the API there is a typo and its referred to as well “snt_seq” and i also tried that parameter with no success.

the parameter of ‘q0’ and or ‘qO’ is not in the api document at all.

I have sent the url ‘cs?pw=password&sid=20&m0=01&st=3&sd=200’
as well as m0=126 m0=128 m0=112 because the jn? command gives me these results for masop
when i try m0=01 nothing changed.

anything ive sent has given me a response of ‘result:1’

before sending any http commands, i manually set stations 1-8 with ‘Use Master 1’ (enabled, checked, etc)
after sending different numbers, different stations ‘Use master 1’ become unchecked, and which disable, changes with each number attempt sent via http.

I see you said m0=xx making me assume itll be 2 bytes.

All I want is to setup the virtual zone (station 20) as gpio, then enable the ‘sequential’ option, and ultimately find out what parameter i need to send, to change a station from using master1, master2, or no master, and not have it apply to all zones in a group, or a complex riddle, just the ability to understand what sends what while trying to change station settings.

I really do appreciate you taking the time to follow up. Hoping quarantine improves my odds of figuring this out.