OpenSprinkler Forums Hardware Questions OpenSprinkler OS v2.0 w/Firmware v2.0.4 & Trying to Upgrade to v2.1.7.. lost. Help plz Reply To: OS v2.0 w/Firmware v2.0.4 & Trying to Upgrade to v2.1.7.. lost. Help plz



I have a test OS 2.0 loaded with firmware 2.1.7. I’ve run it for a couple of hours and I cannot reproduce what you said about timing issue. Look, the reason I said you should consider downgrading back to 2.0.4 is so that you can have a point of reference: if the timing issue is gone after downgrading to 2.0.4, then it says something about the difference between the two firmware. I didn’t tell you to abandon your efforts. Instead, doing so can help rule out the possibility that the RTC or RTC battery may be the root cause. I have no idea why you are so persist at not downgrading to 2.0.4 — this is for the purpose of debugging and isolating problems so we can narrow down the problem. If after downgrading to 2.0.4 you still experience the timing issue, then the problem is not in the firmware, it’s somewhere else.

Also, this is a community forum, this is not the support system. We sometimes don’t check the forum on a regular basis, understanding that this is a place for users to assist each other. Especially now I am sure you know there is a pandemic going on, we are short staffed and have many things on our plate, I don’t think you should expect any immediate response on this forum. However, if you have a technical problem that requires urgent response, send a support ticket. The reason it’s hard to provide support through forum is that we need to ask you for your order number, sometimes asking you to export your configurations, your shipping address, etc which I am sure you don’t want to post on a public forum.

Finally, I politely ask you to keep your post concise and to the point. That will help us get to the bottom of the issues quickly. Complaining about a bunch of stuff in a single post doesn’t help us understand what are the main problems or provide any motivation for others to help (especially since your purchase was from almost 7 years ago, which is way out of warranty).