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That sounds like it would be an awesome feature! I have lots of ideas but I won’t overwhelm you, haha.

Yes, I am just curious what the controller is rated for. The main reason I’m asking is so I can stay within the design limits of the controller, per port or overall. Eventually I will be powering OS with a regulated 12VDC supply that is connected to a deep cycle battery pack and solar array. I just want to be 100% certain to keep this unit properly powered and not overload it. I know the Phoenix connectors are rated up to 30A in some cases, but that amount of current would kill the controller. I completely agree on using relays. I know some relays (especially poorly made ones) can have higher current draw than listed in their specs. Down the road, I planned to use a bank of relays for larger valves that have a higher current rating. I’m using Rainbird 24VAC solenoid valves and OS is reporting ~.125mA when energized. At this time, I don’t plan to run more than 4 or 5 valves, possibly at the same time. I’m still putting the finishing touches on the rain collection plumbing. Most of the sprinkler heads are very low flow (.8-2GPH) misting heads and a few in the 120GPH range.

Thanks again, Ray! I really appreciate the info!!