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Adrien Carlyle

Yes, Firmware 2.1.9 (3)

I had some time to try to dig into this a bit tonight. I was unable to get into the system again, so power cycled it to get it on the wifi again.

I logged into the web interface and immediately noticed that the time was wrong again. I double checked that it was set to use my router (pfSense) for NTP which it was, so disabled, ntp, set the time, re-enabled NTP and submitted changes.

In searching around on the forums it seems like weather underground went away, so I decided to check that I’m getting weather service information. I also came across a post saying that ETo is the way to go now for calculating water when precipitation happens so I enabled that.

I left the unit logged into the web page for a few hours and came back to my system. I expected it to not respond, but it was still alive, but the time on the opensprinkler said it was 8am even though it was only just after midnight (Toronto time zone). I verified the time zone is set to -4 as it should be, just like on pfsense etc. I checked the NTP server on my firewall,using a test tool to make sure it’s responding and quickly realized that the NTP KoD option was rate limiting NTP requests, so I figured maybe there is some type of issue there and disabled it. In the meantime I set the NTP IP to because I found another post saying that using this setting would force the system to use a default NTP pool, the clock sync’d as soon as I hit save, so I’ve switched it back now to use my firewall just to see if the time gets out of sync again, and if it does I’ll try going back to to see if that helps. I’m thinking this has something to do with time sync only because every time it seems to be disconnected from the network, the time on the display is incorrect, and when it’s rebooted it is still wrong even though it appears to do an NTP sync at boot.