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Adrien Carlyle

It’s definitely not an NTP issue now, device had perfect time even though it dropped off the network last night.

I have found out that on this AP, if I keep the web UI open on my pc to the device, it’ll happily stay on the wifi for hours without an issue. But if I close the browser and check in on the IP/app an hour or so later, the device isn’t on the network (it shows the IP/port on the screen still though if I press B1).

It looks like Opengarage uses the same platform as it’s base, is this true? I can’t figure out why my OG has been rock solid (farther away from the AP), but OS drops. Maybe because of it’s constant communication with blynk?

It appears the OS device just doesn’t like the MR33 access point. I connected the OS to my phone in hotspotAP mode and the connection was live for 3+ hours even after I had no browser tab open. I connected it back up to this Cisco AP and in less than 5 minutes after being rebooted it dropped the wifi association. Going to switch off of this Meraki AP and see how things go.