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Adrien Carlyle

I made a typo above and can’t edit my post, I have a Meraki MR33 that the device doesn’t work with, not a “wr33”.

As far as OG/Blynk, since the OS device would stay on the wifi as long as I kept the web page on my PC open (and it seemed to actively communicate with the device), I just thought maybe if it was actively talking to blynk servers every second or two, maybe that was keeping it alive.. I do remember having some similar issues getting the device set up the first time when I didn’t enter the blynk token to start, the second time I set it up and used the token right off the hop it seemed fine.

I ripped the MR33 out and put my ASUS OnHub back in and the connection has been rock solid now. Meraki support was unable to figure out any settings that would have caused any compatibility issues. The only thing I didn’t try on the Meraki was relaxing the WPA2-AES, or changing the SSID/key but things are working great now.

Not sure if this is a known issue or not, but when I would start the system and press/hold B1 after the logo showed to invoke a factory reset, the system would reboot and get stuck on a screen that says “Hold B3 to save” I tried holding it up to 30 seconds and nothing happens. It requires a power cycle to leave and get the OS device to boot up properly.