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I was referring to the opensprinkler weather server, which calculates your time zone using your location, which you mentioned before.
The problem flow:
– The NTP is rock solid, and gives UTC time as standard. Verified as being part of – it can’t give false time.
– I’m in UTC+2 – that’s based on the calculation from the map, by opensprinkler server
– After NTP sync, time is set to UTC-6 (or UTC-5 can’t remember exactly).
Looks to me as a bug in the firmware somewhere. In the exact moment of time setting the timezone information may be invalid on the unit – that’s what I’m trying to conclude. And that may be different from what’s in the config, because the config export I can make in the browser happens much later than the time calculation happens.
If the timezone info would be accurate in every moment, I don’t see how an UTC-6 would come into the picture. If at boot there’s no timezone info, the unit should default to UTC+0, not UTC-6.