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Brad Breer

I just completed my installation of opensprinkler using solar power so I thought I would post this for future reference so others won’t have as steep a learning curve as I did.

My setup:
Opensprinkler: DC latch 3.0
Valves: Galcon sprinkler vale with the S1602 DC latching solenoid
Battery: 12v 12Ah LiFePO4 (4S2P)
Solar charge controller: Huinetul 10A IP68

Points to consider:
The solar controller must match the battery type (lead acid, lithium ion, lifepo4, etc.)
It’s very convenient if the solar controller has a load connection to connect the opensprinkler to.
Make sure to size the enclosure to comfortably fit the solar controller, opensprinkler and battery.
Be sure the solar panel will generate enough power, based on your load, to properly recharge the battery.
The valve solenoids to be controlled by opensprinkler have fairly short wires so:
they will need to be located pretty close to the enclosure or
you’ll need to wire nut in wire to span the distance
Solar panels typically have clamps on the end of the wires to connect to the battery:
These usually need to be cut off to connect it to a solar controller terminals so:
on the solar panel wires mark/note which wire is +/- for future reference in case you need to disconnect and then reconnect.
The opensprinkler power connector is a 2.1mmx5.5mm barrel connector so I found these handy (thanks Ray):
Ensure the opensprinkler can connect to your wifi network:
Distance is critical and having it in an enclosure will inhibit the signal a little so consider ordering the model with an external antenna connector if you think you’ll need it.

Good luck!