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John K

Hi Wendell,

Are you able to temporary use WiFi instead? I’ve been having similar issues over the last few months with the 3.0 AC controllers (multiple units). What I have deduced, and you can try and see if it’s the same, that while running the controller with auto programs switched on, the controllers work flawlessly. However, when manually triggering valves in the mobile app, is when I start to have problems with the units freezing and valves getting stuck open. I’ve only experienced this with the 3.0 AC controllers and never had this issue with the previous models (of which I’ve had many).

All this while using the Ethernet connection. When I switched to WiFi mode, I have yet to witness the problem. I can’t say this for 100% certainty because the problem is so random and I can’t reproduce it on demand. I have to manually run stations and watch for it to happen. Some days I’ve had it reoccur many times. Some days I can’t get it even once….So I am watching out for it now that it is in WiFi mode to see if this is the case.

Please let me know if you see the problem go away while using WiFi instead, so I know I am not crazy. Since it is hard to reproduce, its hard to diagnose I believe. Ray has been a great help with all of this, and we have sorted out some other issues along the way as well, so I’m sure he will get it sorted out.