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Ray, regarding your latest post… I’m not sure if you were describing the symptoms you’ve seen in your recent testing or what I reported from my testing, so I want to clarify what I’ve observed:

1) when I do long term continuous Ping tests (one every 2 seconds), I see a handful of timeouts every hour. On every other device I’ve done long ping tests to it is *extremely* rare to see a ping timeout. I suspect this behavior from OS is due to the software based TCP/IP stack, so it may have absolutely nothing to do with the crashes I’m seeing.

2) when my controller locks up, it usually freezes the on-screen clock at the lockup time, and the buttons are non-functional until a power cycle reboot. Many (or most) of the lockups have actually left the controller responding to pings still, so something is still alive in the controller even though I can’t log into it or start/stop watering cycles.