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Yes, this is the W5500 module that I was referring to. It’s also 2×5 pins just like the ENC28J60 module, but it’s a bummer that the pin ordering is not the same, otherwise it would have been directly replaceable. You would think that whoever designed these modules would use the same pin ordering, but they didn’t. In any case, as I said, I’ve already designed a small adapter PCB that plugs into W5500 module and rewires the 10 pins to the same 10 pins as the ENC28J60 module, so that solves the problem. Also, I’ve already modified the firmware, basically changing wherever UIPEthernet appears to Ethernet2 (the library that’s for W5500), and a few minor changes to remove functions that are not available in Ethernet2. I’ve verified that the firmware compiles and runs just fine on OpenSprinkler. Of course I have not yet done long-term testing, but this is a good starting point to show that it’s possible and relatively easy to replace ENC28J60 with W5500.