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Ray, I don’t think my issues are directly related to anything in my router being out of whack, because I’ve rebooted my router before when I’ve seen issues and it hasn’t helped. Over the last few days that I’ve been running via WiFi my system has yet to lock up like it was routinely when on the ethernet module, but I have had several instances where it is *very* slow to connect to the iOS app. It will repeatedly time out trying to connect, but if I leave it alone for awhile it will eventually come back online. I’m not going to spend a bunch of time trying to track down this issue because it sounds like we’ll have a good ethernet solution once your pin converter boards arrive. I ordered one of the W5500 boards yesterday, so I should have it this week.

Out of curiosity, does the internal WiFi functionality in the controller have hardware TCP/IP handling or does it rely on the same code that your ethernet module does?