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John K

Hi Ray,

I run my controllers with assigned programs daily, never do I have a valve get stuck open.

I ONLY have issue if I open the mobile app and manually run a zone for X amount of time (3 to 15 mins), then minimize the app into the background (iPhone). It doesn’t happen every time but it does happen regularly enough that I will find the valves stuck open for longer than it should. When I reopen the mobile app it will either be timed-out where I need to reset controller, or it un-freezes the condition and the valve finally turns off.

What is terribly challenging about this, as you said, it’s elusive. If I were do as you did “set a program that runs a zone for 1 minute and repeats every 10 minutes throughout the day” I would expect it to work perfectly, no issues…because you are setting it and leaving it alone. Thats bean consistently my experience, but that doesn’t address what Wendell or you have seen…

So for me, the best way to cause the issue for troubleshooting purposes is to be manually triggering the stations through the app over and over again for say 3 to 5 min durations and waiting to see if the zone gets stuck. If you have a way for me to set up logging of the connections, I could do that and replicate the problem on my end.

I think working with the W5500 will likely be better to try first….look forwards to hearing about that.


I use Ubiquiti network equipment and have Vlans set up. You mentioned earlier someone used them to isolate the controllers. I have a Vlan with the controllers and a ip camera recorder set up on it alone….so if I were to have the controllers alone that may make a difference for DNS reasons?