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John K


If you haven’t seen it already, this post was my first attempt to figure things out before I understood more of what/why it was happening. The portion about currant reading proved to be irrelevant and Ray addressed the hot swapping issue as well. The attached images of my logs is what I will see if the controller did not crash but rather “unfroze” when I reopened the app. All those zones were manually turned on for 6 minutes….but some actually ran for much longer.

I have had plenty of instances where the controller would freeze, a valve would be stuck on, the 3 buttons on the controller would be unresponsive, and I had to unplug to reset. In those times the Logs would not show the specific zones that I had just been running. I never checked to see if the time read out on the controller was frozen during those instances. Also, if I tried reopening the app I would get the “timed-out” message until I unplugged/reset.

I have manually turned on stations in the app and then shut down the app. I have experienced the crashes in those occasions as well.

I will look into isolating to a VLAN further if need be, but at the moment I am putting my money on the W5500. I’m set on WiFi now and it works reliably so I don’t want to mess with it until I can try the W5500 idea.


If you can send me the script and how to run it, I’d love to test my set up with it, and we then can know for sure that the script can trigger the issue. Also, then I can test out these ideas much quicker too.