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*Update*: check this post for the up-to-date information:

The adapter PCB for W5500 has arrived. If you want to give it a try, please submit a support ticket at:
and let me know your shipping address so we can send you one. Please note that:
1) This is just an adapter, it does NOT include W5500 module itself, which you can buy on Amazon such as here: or eBay, or any of your favorite online store. The module has a 2×5 pin header.
2) There is no 3D printed enclosure for it yet (though I am in the process of designing it).
3) This would only work on OS 3.2 with wired Ethernet module cable. It won’t work on OS 2.3 because OS 2.3 has ENC28J60 built-in so it’s not a replaceable module.
4) Using W5500 requires uploading a different firmware (which I will make available shortly). While the firmware source code is almost identical to the current firmware, it does use a different library (Ethernet2 instead of UIPEthernet), at the moment there is no easy way to link both of them to the compiled code to do dynamic switching. As a result, using W5500 requires uploading firmware that’s compiled specifically for it.

Attached is a picture of what it looks like with the adapter.