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Sorry for the delay getting back to you with the results of my W5500 upgrade. I just got back in town and am now working with the new ethernet module. I updated the OS controller firmware and got the new module plugged in, and it booted up fine. Apparently you are using a software defined MAC address (because the MAC address is the same as it was for the older ethernet module)?

For the first couple of minutes after rebooting I wasn’t able to connect to OS through either the app or the browser, but then it started connecting and everything seems to be working now. I did not have to restore my configuration from the backup… everything seemed to survive the firmware update. I did notice that it wasn’t logging my 1 minute manually started test runs (and all of my previous log entries were gone), so I cleared the log (via the GUI option to do so) and after that it seems to be logging my test runs.

At this point I need to start running a bunch of manually started zones and see if it crashes like it did when using the original ethernet module. I will provide feedback as my tests progress. Fingers crossed!