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I have have been testing the new W5500 module and firmware since Monday and unfortunately the OpenSprinkler has stop responding twice.

When the controller stops responding, I cannot access it via the Android App or the Web interface. However, it still responds to pings and the buttons on the controller still respond. It also continues to run watering programs correctly. This is consistent with previous reports.

After the first lockup, I switched from DHCP to a static IP address and after a day it stopped responding again.

In the other thread regarding lockups, Ray suspects Dropbox may be one cause of the issue.
I also have a computer running Dropbox, so I have turned off the “Enable LAN sync” setting this morning and will watch for another lock up.
If it happens again with this setting off, I will deactivate Dropbox all together and report back.

Finally, I have a handful of IOT devices on my network, Ring doorbell, Hue lightbulbs, Amazon echo, Sonos, etc. If Dropbox can cause this issue, I wouldn’t be surprised if another one of these devices could also cause a similar issue. If there is an easy way to check the network register values (ESTAT.BUFFER and EIR.RXERIF), I’d be willing to try to narrow it down.