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First, to clarify: ‘Ignore Rain’ does NOT mean rain from online weather data, it means the manual rain delay that you manually trigger through the UI. This is explained in the firmware 2.1.9 user manual:
just search ‘Rain Delay’ in the PDF.

Ignore rain sensor is now called ‘Ignore sensor 1’ or ‘ignore sensor 2’ depending on whether you connected rain sensor to sensor 1 or 2.

Next, I am confused whether you do want your bamboo and tomatoes to be affected by watering percentage, or you do not want them to be affected. Generally I would imagine if you put them on your balcony, maybe you do not want them to be affected by watering percentage. If so, you should go to the programs and un-check ‘Use Weather’. If you want them to be affected by temperature and humidity, but not by rain, you can choose Zimmerman algorithm and give 0% to precipitation.