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Hi, Thanks for the comments.

I had considered it, and just played with it a bit more based on your comments. It’s nice, and does work without the router… I had no idea it would!
However, I want to customize the interface a bit and am trying to avoid having to learn how to write a phones App on top of everything else 🙂

I suspect in your case that OS was still connected to your router, even though your internet was down, and that’s why the <ipaddress>/index worked.
In my case (OS is in AP mode) so gives me WiFi configuration page. This is the page I’m trying to customize with some more advanced html/javascript.

I’ve been able to replace that page (I actually just added a different page) but am finding it difficult to give it much content. I’m having trouble understanding how big the ‘html.h’ string can be, and it seems like I can’t seem have a separate style.css file because the browser tries to request it before the full page has finished loading. This pushed me into putting everything in one big html.h string. Maybe I’m running out of flash space. When make the build I see this:

Memory usage
Ram: 44924 bytes
Flash: 603768 bytes

Do you or does anyone know the max flash available for use? (am I over the limit, what is the limit…)

So thank you for the comment; it led me to learn lot I didn’t know.