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Update: I can confirm this issue: it happens when using W5500 firmware and setting the controller in static IP mode. This is due to the problem that the previous way of detecting Ethernet module for ENC28J60 (checking a register value) does not work for W5500, so even if W5500 is unplugged it ‘thinks’ an Ethernet module is plugged in. That in conjunction with the fact that when you set static IP, it bypasses DHCP process, results in this problem. Setting it back to DHCP mode should resolve the issue (i.e. when the controller cannot establish IP through DHCP, it will revert back to WiFi mode).

There are two ways to reset it back to DHCP:
– if you can still access the controller with W5500 module connected, go to homepage -> Edit Options -> Advanced, and check “Use DHCP”
– if you can’t access the controller, you can use buttons to change the option values. Specifically, power off the controller, then power it back on, as soon as you see the OpenSprinkler logo, press and hold the third pushbutton (B3) and continue holding it until you see the LCD displays “Setup Options”. Then click B3 a few times until you see ‘Use DHCP’? Use B1 or B2 to change the answer to Yes. Then press and hold B3 until the controller reboots itself. This will set it back to DHCP mode.