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Perhaps I was reading your instructions too literally.
Here is my update instructions that seem to work and
produce the mainArduino.bin file. I have not tried it

Ps: I have not had a hang since Aug 1. No change to the
firmware and no change on my network!

#Get the code.
git clone
#Puts it in ~/OpenSprinkler-Firmware/

#Get the Arduino code.
git clone esp8266_2.5.2
#Puts it in ~/esp8266_2.5.2

#Go into esp8266_2.5.2 and get the correct tag.
cd esp8266_2.5.2
git checkout tags/2.5.2

cd tools

#Install necessary libraries, including SSD1306, RCSwitch, and UIPEthernet.
#Download and unzip or git clone these into ~/Arduino/libraries folder.

mkdir -p ~/Arduino/libraries
cd ~/Arduino/libraries
git clone

# The latest version of the OLED code is not compatible, backup to 4.1.0
cd esp8266-oled-ssd1306
git checkout tags/4.1.0

git clone
git clone

#And this one which is new.
git clone

cd ~/OpenSprinkler-Firmware

#There is an error in make.lin32:
#Replace this line:
~/Arduino/libraries/SSD1306 \

#with this line:
~/Arduino/libraries/esp8266-oled-ssd1306 \

# Remove tests directory, will not compile.
rm -rf ~/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient/tests

make -f make.lin32