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Thanks Ray, I was wondering if the thinking were something like that.
Since I get 1 cycle/gallon, it’s not too much IoT network overhead, esp. if I’m on a local network. And it also helps give me real-time alerts if a mainline hose pops loose, etc.
However, I can imagine some much higher-rate sensor being problematic.

Does a good method suggest itself to you to elegantly support both cases? I can maintain a side-branch for my own purposes, but I would imaginee it could be useful to others, and it’s more convenient to not keep re-basing my own branch on releases.

Would it make sense to add an additional MQTT channel something like /opensprinkler/sensor/rawflow or flow-ticks?
And/or maybe have the message send conditional on a configuration setting that defaults to off?
That way we could add this reporting option to the regular firmware without overwhelming folks with high-rate sensors.

Thanks for your quick and expert response, and the cool OpenSprinkler effort!