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Thanks for the reply.
Internet access was the wrong thing to say. A DHCP server may not always be available as the controller will be in a paddock remote from the router.
I am not sure if the program will still run if there is a power cycle and it cannot find the DHCP server.
I can now ping the controller over the wired connection on

When I reboot into wifi mode and press B1 the screen says
Connecting to…
:80 (IP:port)
Telstra7F2A5F2 “flashing diamond”

Telstra7F2A5F2 was the modem I was connected to last night at home while testing the unit.
Does it remember the last modem therefore I need to reset the controller?

Also for the app what is meant by opensprinkler name? There is no name assigned to the controller that I can see in the configuration.
Regards Alan