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Hi all,

Noob here, trying to get the right information before making my purchase of an OSPi to use here in Australia. I have a question that I haven’t been able to answer conclusively based on the info in the forums and on the main commercial page.

– Ray’s comment above says “Also we have started shipping OSPi version 1.5 since a few weeks ago. Version 1.5 uses an improved switching regulator and can provide up to 2amp current on +5V line so should be able to drive all RPis without needing external USB power supply.”. Does this mean that I can use the same power supply for the Pi and for the OSPi if I buy the right one? I am keen to just have a single supply rather than one for each. I want to be able to drive both devices and no more that 4 x 24VAC solenoid valves.

– “Single power supply design — the same 24V AC sprinkler transformer powers both sprinkler valves and RPi.”. Would this be suitable for Australia (240V AC) with the right adaptor?

Thanks for any help you can provide. I am a big open source fan so I am really keen to get this right and get my home sprinkler project happening. I am experienced enough with Linux and the Raspberry Pi to take care of the software side of things with no hassle, but I just want to get the hardware purchase right first time.

Thanks all!