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xhirschx — I have a couple of things that may help if you’re still wanting an LCD display of the status of your OpenSprinkler system.

If you’d like to run, I updated the code to work with the recent OpenSprinkler firmware. You can find my update in the repository branch here:
Or you can get the updated python file directly here:

Another option you may be interested in… I created another version of the project with a number of changes to work for what I was looking for and adapt to the new API. At it’s core, it does the same thing, it displays the status on an LCD display (remotely or on the OSPi). However, this one leverages OpenSprinkler’s MQTT notification to update the status immediately on change, rather than polling every minute. And, since the new UI doesn’t seem to support a LCD backlight setting, the script has a configurable auto-backlight setting to turn on and turn off the backlight when a status change happens. That’s a few of the differences, but if you’re interested you can check out the script and the tutorial for setup here: