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one update on my side. The revision two has arrive and I’ve tested it. I have decided to modify it to fit all features of the standard Opensprinkler (Ethernet, RF Transmitter, etc…) and to remove the option for the ESP8266, as the ESP32 is working nicely. I have added as well an USB for flashing/debugging purposes and the fixation points are ready for DIN rails.

The first boards contain some bugs that I have corrected already for the second batch:
– The USB interface does not work (I have used the wrong pinout for the CP2102 chip)
– The fixation points for the DIN rails and screen need to be slightly adjusted
– The Ethernet CS pin needs to be rerouted to another GPIO of the ESP32, as it was using one reserved, that needed to be floating or grounded for flashing

What has been tested:
– The current measurement works nicely with a new inverted precision rectifier with gain of 3
– Opensprinkler SW works nicely and web reaction is very fast
– Valve control works
– RTC works
– Button switches work

Pending of testing:
– Ethernet: I will test it soon with an ENC28J60 module I have received
– RF Transmitter: I will test it as soon as I receive the transmitter
– E22-900M3DS-SX1262 long range LoRa module (SX1262): I have to create the SW for it yet

As soon as I receive the second batch and get it tested I will release the KiCad schematics and layouts. Every eBoM part comes with an attribute for the part number in LCSC. Furthermore the boards can be easily produced using JLCPCB.