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robin hayman

I have two V3 sprinklers ordered under order #67055. After raising a ticket( I think) we decided to the other version of Ethernet connection with the w5500 chip should be tried. That was done, but I never managed to get the W5500 version to work reliably either. It uses firmware os_219_rev4_w5500_jul18.bin.

It seemes to fail to get a DHCP connection (while 10 other devices on the same network succeed with no trace of problems. After reboot, the IP ends up and nothing can connect. Some times it works correctly.I use dynamic DHCP but with IPs preassigned to MACs.
I have been messing around with this since my order, last Jul(?) (Grumble!)

I need a speedy resolution.

Meanwhile, my OS Pi(same order) has been chugging away since July all on its own and I can browse to it today.

Does thes previous posts mean that the original hardware using latest firmwareEthernet is now proven
reliable? Should I just dump the W5500 cards?