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Hi Ray

I seem to be experiencing the same issue as MMAVROF, whereby the OpenSprinkler 3.0 device loses its wifi connection and doesnt seem to be able to rejoin automatically and requires me turning it off and on again and it reconnects fine. This has been happening for the past few months since i installed 2.1.9, I’ve been steadily installing the patches to 2.1.9 but none seem to resolve my wifi disconnects unfortunately. I’ve had the device for 3-4 or so years and its been rock solid up until 2.1.9.

I’m using the latest firmware 2.1.9 (7) and app version 2.2.1. I can confirm that I’m using a fixed IP address for OpenSprinkler.

From reports from MMAVROF he was able to get stable behaviour by reverting back to 2.1.7, are you able to provide the compiled firmware for 2.1.7 (last version i have a copy of is 2.1.8 (6).

My router is an ASUS DSL AC86U. I was running the latest firmware ( on the router but have since reverted to a previous version to see if that helps (

Any advice you have would be appreciated so i can stabilise my open sprinkler.