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Hello, and Happy New Year.

I’m trying to compile this version using the instructions provided.
I have been successful using earlier versions.
One of the differences I see is the addition of the Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient code that I’ve cloned from git like I did for the esp8266_2.5.2 code.

When I compile using make -f make.lin32, I get the following (among several others, but this is the first error):
/home/brian/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient/tests/src/receive_spec.cpp: In function ‘int test_receive_stream()’:
/home/brian/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient/tests/src/receive_spec.cpp:65:12: error: cannot declare variable ‘stream’ to be of abstract type ‘Stream’
Stream stream;
In file included from /home/brian/esp8266_2.5.2//cores/esp8266/HardwareSerial.h:32:0,
from /home/brian/esp8266_2.5.2//cores/esp8266/Arduino.h:263,
from /home/brian/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient/src/PubSubClient.h:10,
from /home/brian/Arduino/libraries/pubsubclient/tests/src/receive_spec.cpp:1:
/home/brian/esp8266_2.5.2//cores/esp8266/Stream.h:38:7: note: because the following virtual functions are pure within ‘Stream’:

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Sorry for the newbie questions, but I’m a hardware guy 🙂
Thank you for all you’ve done on this topic.