OpenSprinkler Forums Pictures and Creative Use Custom (atm indoor) OS 3.0 HW + 2.1.9(4) SW hacking :) Reply To: Custom (atm indoor) OS 3.0 HW + 2.1.9(4) SW hacking :)



Let me start by thanking you again, Ray! The project you set out to develop is awesome!

Atm I have holidays and take a break from my project.

When I come back, I want to further develop OS and wonder how to go about it, to ultimately merge and not only develop another exotic branch.

I’d like to structure pull requests like this and apprechiate feedback:

  1. add MQTT_pushmessage case Custom Sensor
  2. add support for 8 binary soil moisture sensors, corresponding to the 8 ports
  3. add support for air humidity control (SHT31-I2C)

Ofc these PR will be without sensor initialisation, to not bloat the Firmware.
When thinking about it, some kind of firmware customiser GUI for all the possible I2C attachments would be wise. This GUI would then paste the class definitions in opensprinkler.h and opensprinkler.cpp and put the init code there + sets up mqtt sending of the measured values.
For my thesis I’ll be referencing what I put where to get it to work and it will be in the public domain.

What I managed to develop until now (doesn’t work if you don’t have 2xADS1117 plugged in): more to come later this month 🙂
The presentation I gave: