OpenSprinkler Forums Pictures and Creative Use Custom (atm indoor) OS 3.0 HW + 2.1.9(4) SW hacking :) Reply To: Custom (atm indoor) OS 3.0 HW + 2.1.9(4) SW hacking :)



Thank you Ray, for replying and sharing!

That definately sounds like a smart idea! What a funny coincidence. (I’d imagine the user being Stefan Schmaltz from ^^)
About what time horizon do you think for the extension module?

(And yes, I ment ADS1115.)

I’m somewhat stumped by the “Expander Detection” but have 10 PCA9555 soldered up on SSOP24-breakouts and am ready to rumble further, starting mid feb!

Attached just some pictures how I butchered your OS-HW-3.0 :3. Maybe, just maybe I’ll learn to redesign with TH-MOS-FETs, although the SMD sample booklet arrived 😛

NinjaEdit: Do you think current driven pump shutoff (last picture) would ever fit into OpenSprinkler?