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This is the missing post from April 5.

A key symptom of the issue is when the web app or the phone app displays ‘Network Error’ in the bottom bar and the bar background becomes red. Does anyone know what conditions in the apps result in this error display?

I’m continuing to gather data about the corrupted JSON message data.
When I saw the ‘Network Error’ in the web app I stopped my app from polling so that the web app was the only client talking to OS. I then issued a JA request from a browser (firefox) and got back data that had unprintable data overwriting 16 characters in the response. I’ve attached 2 files to display what I saw in the full response (ja.json.45.txt) and a screen shot (ja.json.45.JPG) using a HEX editor to view the area with the bad data. The highlighted character is the character just before the 16 bytes of bad data The bad data starts at 84Ah (2122d)
I then issued each of the separate requests (JC, JO, JN, JS, JP) and they all came back correctly. I then issued JA again and it came back with the same bad data. FWIW, the responses to each of the separate requests are shorter than the position in the JA response where the bad data begins.

I could not clear the ‘Network Error’ in the web app. I tried logging out of the web app, exiting the browser and logging back in. It came up with the ‘Network Error’. I tried using 2 different browsers. After the third browser attempt, OS became unresponsive. It would not respond to pings. After a few minutes it started responding to pings but I could not log in with the web app.

I then issued JA and all the individual requests. Most of the responses had bad data in them. Interestingly it occurred at the same position in the JSON message. The JA response had 2 instances of the bad data. Here’s a summary of the character positions that the 16 bytes of bad data starts in:
JA: 24Ah (586d), C4Ah (3146d)
JC: 24Ah (586d)
JN: 24Ah (586d)
JP: 24Ah (586d)
JO: No bad data. The length of this response is 234h (564d), which is less than the position of the bad data 24Ah (586d)
These files are available if desired.

OS stays in this state. I can ping it. I can turn my app back on. It polls and gets responses with corrupt data. I can’t log into OS with the web app.
The various Jx requests issued via a browser return the bad responses noted in the previous paragraph.

I was able to reboot OS using B2. After reboot all the response data was correct.