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How would the system know when to run s4 and s5 since they are set to work in parallel with other zones but placed to the back of the line? I haven’t even hooked my system up yet, still in the box, shipping was quicker than I expected so got it earlier than my project calls for (thanks Ray, you are doing a wonderful job), so I haven’t any experience yet except for playing around with the Demo before I purchased, but from what I remember, might I suggest the following:

1) Maybe wire zones 4 and 5 together and set them to sequential mode?
Or better yet…

2) Move s4 and s5 to zones s1 and s2 while moving all the other zones down 2, then check sequential mode for s2 (the old s5) and all the other following zones while unchecking sequential mode for s1 (the old s4), that way the old “s4 and s5” (now s1 and s2) will both run first together and s3 (the old s1) will wait till s2 (the old s5) is done? Does the old s4 and s5 run the same amount of time every time? If so, then it wouldn’t matter which one you put on zone 1, but if one zones runs longer than the other, make sure it gets moved to s2 that way s3 waits for it to finish. This way would allow the old s4 and s5 to be on independent programs and you would have more flexibility than if you wired them both to the same zone.

Hope this helps.