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Hi lordshandyman,
My current controller is DIY (designed by me – not commercial and not targeted to be). It was designed 8-9 years ago and it is based on Microchip MCU and Microchip TCP/IP Stack. It is still working but I stopped to deal with it as I don’t have time to develop new features. I want to change it with one that have Home Assistant support and wireless connectivity. Actually it is a part of a module based DIY automation system using CAN bus. Modules are connected to WEB server (Microchip TCP/IP stack based) using CAN bus. I have started changing all my modules with Home Assistant compatible devices. And my irrigation controller is one of the two modules left to be changed.
I saw OS has Home Assistant support and I want to migrate to it. Stations working in parallel in a flexible way is one thing that I want to have as well Tipping bucket support.

Best regards,