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I didn’t had time during the week for experiments, Wifi is using the old “Access Point”.
I didn’t manage to set up the Mikrotik AP until now.

Today I changed back the used weather service from DarkSky to PersonalWeatherStation this afternoon.
This evening the scale was updated. I will observe how it behaves in the future.

I am pretty sure that the weather service script is working alright, as I built myself a flow in NodeRed, that queries Opensprinkler for the data for the query of the weather service, then queries the weather service and exports the scale. It was working alright through the whole week.
I need this to be able to observe the weathering scale without using Opensprinkler webapp or anything OS related, as neither the OS API queries, nor the MQTT interface includes this value.

How bad is the compilation of the firmware?
Sometimes I would also like OS to update the scale more often, especially after a rain in the night.