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Tried to compile your code and got an error .
In file included from C:\Users\XXXXX\Documents\Arduino\OpenSprinkler-Firmware-ESP32port-master\mainArduino\mainArduino.ino:15:0:

sketch\OpenSprinkler.h:37:26: fatal error: UIPEthernet.h: No such file or directory

compilation terminated.

And I think this error is correct. I do not see that file in your repository.BTW is not in the “regular”(Open sprinkler fw) firmware files repository either……
In opensprinkler.h we have
33#if defined(ARDUINO) // headers for ESP8266
34 #include <Arduino.h>
35 #include <Wire.h>
36 #include <SPI.h>
37 #include <UIPEthernet.h>

So, in theory this file should not be called, since this is for Arduino…….