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@SpikeyGG, just found this thread and your experience sounds a lot like mine. Our setup is OpenSprinklery v2.3, firmware 2.1.9(9).

I set up OpenSprinkler integration with Home Assistant (not easy). After doing so, I figured everything was good. Until we started noticing plants looking sickly, and then figured out they weren’t getting watered. Trying to logon to the OpenSprinkler app would fail. A recycling of the power on the OpenSprinkler controller would restore app connectivity and get the sprinklers to work again… for a few days. Lather, rinse, repeat. At the end of October, submitted a ticket with OpenSprinkler support, but have only received the automated “we have received your request” message, but that’s it. No follow-up. Since that time, I’ve disabled the OpenSprinkler integration, and right away the problem seems to have gone away… not locking up (or very rarely).

Now I’m getting back to working on Home Assistant, and trying to decide if I want to continue with OpenSprinkler or change to a different controller (would have to find one that can handle 12 zones). Our plants weren’t happy about the watering problems, and some will need to be replaced, so we want something we can rely on.

Pat Furrie