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I don’t need to water the garden during the winter season, so I started the “Empty Response” investigations again.

As I described already, I have a Fritz!Box 7590 router with the latest FRITZ!OS: 07.29 in use. My OpenSprinkler is a v3.0 hardware model. The “About” feature of the OpenSprinkler App reports: App Version: 2.2.4, Firmware: 2.1.9(9), Hardware Version:3.1-DC. This means everything is updated to the newest releases!

I have temporarily installed the OpenSprinkler indoors with a direct WiFi connection to the Fritz!Box 7590 router. No repeaters or powerlines are in use for the WiFi connection. I’ve also switched off my local PWS weather server installation using the default OpenSprinler Weather Service:

Unfortunately the OpenSprinkler doesn’t receive the requested Weather Service Details from the OpenSprinkler Weather Service. The answer listed is “Empty Response” and the Weather Service is marked as “Offline” after power on. The weather forecast given by the OpenSprinkler App works and lists “Dark Sky” as the weather provider.

The strange thing is that if I’m monitoring the intranet and internet traffic via the build in Fritz!Box capture feature and analyzing it via WireShark everything works fine. The Weather Service is marked “Online”, the last answer listed is “Success” and the Weather Provider is given as “Dark Sky”.

I really don’t know what went wrong? Is there a possibility to debug the OpenSrinkler request/response messages exchanged with the Weather Service? I think OpenSprinkler receives an error message and it might be worth to look at the error code. If it isn’t a WiFi issue, is it possible to attach an ethernet module to my OpenSprinkler v3.0 hardware model and use a wired connection, instead. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank and regards