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I just ordered a new OpenSprinkler (with wired ethernet adapter) yesterday, because my old OpenSprinkler 2.3 (which uses wired Ethernet) has started to behave strangely. Now I’m wondering if the new hardware will also have issues!

I upgraded to 2.1.9(9) a month or so ago in hopes of the new Ethernet library helping, but no luck. I also added the special “auto reboot” schedule to reboot OS every morning at 1am, but even with that, my OS would 1) become unreachable via the API (but still pingable), 2) respond to API requests with {"result":2} (indicating the password was wrong, even though it’s always been the default), or 3) lock up completely and miss waterings.

I thought I solved the “unauthorized” issue by setting “Ignore Password” in the Advanced options, but I still run in to the other issues.

With the heat of the summer water months ahead, I need a reliable watering system. Will your special fixed version based of 2.1.9(7) run on OS 2.3 hardware?